Richa Peter Topno from Pune has topped an online Karaoke Competition and will receive an award of $10,000. The 21-year-old uses a popular karaoke app and participated in StarMaker’s online ’10K Challenge’.

The ’10K Challenge’ started on July 23 and the results were declared on 2nd August. The online competition allowed the participants to sing the cover of a song of their choice. A whopping 25,000 people from all over the globe participated in it and the winner was decided through voting. Participants can have fans on the platform who vote for their favourite participants.

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StarMaker is a free karaoke app that lets one sing their own cover of top songs from their catalogue. You can collaborate with your favourite artistes, edit recordings with voice effects and share your cover with all your friends.

“I have been using an app called StarMakers, which is an online community for karaoke singers and listeners. This platform allows people to follow and vote for you through various competitions,” Richa told Mid-Day. “I sang ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran since it’s my favourite,” she added.

Richa recorded her song through the app and got 3,69,904 votes for it

This Punekar is a graduate in Psychology from Fergusson College. A passionate singer and YouTuber, she delves in Western Pop and Bollywood too. She is also adept at playing Acoustic Guitar. Richa has a YouTube channel too.
On being asked about her future plans after winning the StarMaker’s online 10K Challenge, Richa told the Mid-Day, “I plan to use the prize to take my music career ahead. I’m contemplating moving to Mumbai, so the money will help me when I finally take the decision.”

Apps such as these open up the possibility for young artistes to compete on a global level. They can now reach out to lakhs of people through their talent.

We wish Richa good luck for her future endeavours!

Pic Credit: Facebook

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