Following the numerous reported cases of crimes against women in the country, the police in Pune have decided to take an extra initiative in ensuring the safety of women in the city. According to a report by the Times of India, the police department in Pune has banned outdoor lawn parties put together by event management companies and have only permitted hotels and clubs to organize their own parties.


The same report also states that lounges will be assisting women with databases from cab companies that provide women cab drivers so the women can get home safely during the New Year’s Eve’s celebrations. In addition to this, many clubs will not have a few seconds of ‘Lights-out,’ which is a common custom at parties during the celebrations at midnight. This is being done so anti-social elements cannot take advantage of the situation.


Nilesh P Kolapkar, chief executive officer of Post 91, told Times of India, “We have also created a bank of number of cab companies that have female cab drivers especially for this year’s party. Many women party-goers call us requesting drop services after the party. We tell them that though we do not provide such services, we do have telephone numbers of cab companies that have women cab drivers who could safely take them back home after the party.”


[Picture Credits: Tribune India]


He added, “This year, we have around six women bouncers for frisking and more women bouncers on the dance floor. Also, groups of boys unaccompanied by girls (stag entries) have been banned from the party.”


Nitin Goswami, food and beverage manager at the JW Marriott, also revealed their plans for the event: “Our party package will also involve the option of guests getting an option to stay in the hotel’s room after the party, so that women and their families would not have to worry about going home late at night. We have increased the lighting at the party venue so the place is well-lit apart from increasing the number of women bouncers for New Year’s Eve.”