How Celebrities Called Out Alleged Sexual Harassment Case Of Popular Chennai School

Chennai school sexual harassment case ,India
Chennai School Sexual Harassment Case: Harrowing allegations of sexual misconduct have come to light a Commerce of a popular school in Chennai.

The professor of Commerce named Rajagopalan has been accused of sending suggestive texts, walking into an online class in a towel, slut-shaming students and other serious accusations about his overall inappropriate conduct towards female students.

The case is now driving the massive debate on social media about educational institutions being allegedly careless about their staff’s conduct towards the students. Several former students of the said school came forward to share their own equally worrisome experience at the school. They all asked for the school administration to take action against the accused teacher. More here.

Celebrities such as Chinmayi Sripada, Kripali Samdariya and others also took to Twitter to make people aware of the case in point. They strongly condemned the accused teacher’s behaviour and the alleged inaction by the school authorities.

Chinmayi Sripada

Singer Chinmayi Sripada joined the Twitter movement started by the students of the school and offered legal help to the students who are willing to speak against the alleged systematic sexual harassment.

Earlier she claimed that YG Madhuvanti, who is being linked to the school, has nothing to do with it. However, she later corrected herself by revealing that Madhuvanti is actually a trustee of the Chennai school in question.

Kripali Samdariya

Model Samdariya who also happens to be an alumna of the Chennai school amplified the allegations of the students against the accused and is assisting them to share their experiences on a wider social media platform. She also claimed that the school chose to not take an action against the accused even after the students brought the issue in front of the administration.

The school however in its official statement undersigned by Principal Geetha Govindarajan has denied being in the know of the situation. The statement read, “these kind of allegations have not been brought to the attention of the management in the past.”

The school in its statement also said that they are going to take suo moto cognisance of the allegations to ” take all necessary steps to address the situation in a free, fair and transparent manner.”

Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli

Actor Lakshmi Priya Chadramouli who was recently seen sharing the screen with Dhanush in Karnan made her fans and followers aware of the case with a trigger warning. In her tweet, she called the professor a “sexual harasser”. Chandramouli claimed to have verified the details of the case with a student of the accused teacher.

She called the case “sick” and sought punishment for the accused.

Archana Kalpathi

Director Archana Kalpathi and also an alumna of the Chennai school took to Twitter to amplify the cause of survivors who were allegedly harassed by accused teacher Rajagopalan. Kalpathi offered words of praise to the students who came forward with the allegations. She wrote, ” Love and hugs to all the brave girls who have shared their stories.”

Politicians such as Kanimozhi and Dayanidhi Maran also joined in the Twitter uproar over the harrowing case. Kanimozhi promised to take the issue to concerned authorities and called for an inquiry over it. She wrote, “Inquiry should be conducted and action must be taken against those who are involved including school authorities who failed to act against the complaints from students.”

Several social media users who studied at the Chennai school have started to open up about their own experiences. They added to a series of serious allegations against the school, the accused teacher Rajagopalan and other staff members.