Now, Provision Of Bail Included In Triple Talaq Bill

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Triple Talaq, a non-bailable offence, has now included a provision of bail for men indulging in the practice. The issue has generated much debate in recent times.


What is the provision provided?

The 'Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill’, which was cleared in Lok Sabha had to undergo huge struggle in Rajya Sabha. The opposition strongly demanded provision of bail, which was finally granted on Thursday. The amendment made ensures that a magistrate is eligible to provide bail to the accused.

Condition required for bail

According to Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, three changes have been approved by the Cabinet in the law concerned.

“If a husband gives instant triple talaq to his wife, an FIR against him will only become cognizable when it is filed by the victim or anyone having blood relation or relation by marriage,” - Ravi Shankar Prasad

He also told media how the law has been made compoundable recently, i.e the magistrate can compound the offence on suitable conditions if the married couple agrees to find a solution to their issues. The magistrate can grant bail to the accused after hearing the woman.


Benefits of the proposed law

The proposed law seems to provide flexibility in the rigid marital conditions in the lives of Muslim women, where fears of a divorce loom every day. The law, which has been proposed for instant talaq known as ‘ Talaq-E-Bidat’, would ensure subsistence allowance and custody of minor children by the woman. Also, bills on women’s reservation and nikah halala are being looked at by the government.

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This matter has seen speedy progressions, debates and discussions recently. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was always in support of this bill, thanked the Supreme Court last year when the decision was taken to make Triple Talaq an offence. He even addressed Muslim women in his radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, showing his support for the bill. 

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