5th Most Powerful Woman In The World, Christine Lagarde Is A Hard Negotiator

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Christine Lagarde is the chairman of International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 5 July 2011. By the way, if someone is not aware of her full name so it’s Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde.  She is the first woman to head IMF. She has also been the first female finance minister of France in 2007.

A charismatic leader and a straight talker, she is one of the influential leaders of the world.  Earlier, in the year 2014, she was named the 5th most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine. She was also rated as the Best Finance minister in the Eurozone in 2009 by Financial times.

As a leader, she has many achievements, credited to her name.  There are many things which one must know about such an exceptional personality. Here are some points:

  1. Christine Lagarde has won several accomplishments in her life. Always being the ‘first’ in her life, she has held several portfolios in the French ministry. She is a professional lawyer as well.  She was also the first woman to become the chairman of an international law firm, Baker & McKenzie.
  2. Being a health conscious, Christine Lagarde is a pure vegetarian. She avoids drinking alcohol. Well, by her fitness, one can easily figure out that at the age of 61, she is still physically fit and maintains to do so. She also loves cycling, swimming and gymming.
  3. During her teenage, she was a national swimmer and was a member of French swimming team. This made her confident and found a leader in herself.
  4. Despite being a French national, she has a great fluency in English as well. She had once managed to win over Jon Stewart when she appeared on the Daily Show. She gained attention by cracking numerous jokes in the show. Her idea of cracking jokes is also unique in itself.
  5. From a public prosecutor, to finance minister, to managing director, she has always gained fame through her deliberate hardwork and excellent narrative skills. Her charisma is clearly visible in her talks and speeches.
  6. Lagarde was also awarded the highest award in France. Her contribution to the country’s agriculture, is considered commendable during her brief stint as agri minister.
  7. Christine Lagarde is also the author of many books. She loves writing. Books like ‘’The IMF at 70: Making the Right Choices?, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,  Addressing Corruption Openly: Essay” are some of the books credited to her name.
  8. Lagarde is regarded with esteem respect in the international arena. By bringing major changes as a political leader in French politics, she tried to change the economy of France during her time as a finance minister. She was also the first woman to hold the post in G8 industrial countries. She is respected for being involved in the baling out practice of major countries in the Eurozone during economic crisis, after which, she was appointed for a second tenure as chairman of IMF in the year 2016.
  9. She had once given an interview for a documentary film “Inside Job” in 2011. The film later won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. With name and profile on magazines like Vogue and Forbes, Lagarde is an inspirational leader of the world.
  10. She is also known for being upright and candid with her views in public.

Kavya is an intern with SheThePeople.