Indian Physicist Prof Rohini Godbole Gets Awarded The National Order Of Merit By Government Of France

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Indian physicist Prof Rohini Godbole who teaches at the Centre for High Energy Physics at Indian Institute of Science(IISC), Banglore, has been awarded the ‘Ordre National du Metrite’ National Order of Merit by the government of France. The same was tweeted by the official Twitter handle of IISC.

In the tweet, the institute congratulated Godbole for winning one of the highest distinctions of France. It read, ” Congratulations to Prof Rohini Godbole (CHEP) on being awarded the Ordre National du Mérite, among the highest distinctions bestowed by France! She has been recognised for contributions to collaborations b/w France & India and commitment to promoting enrolment of women in science. ” 

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Godbole, who is also the recipient of Padma Shri, has been actively advocating for the inclusion of more women in the field of science. In the past, she pointed out that even though more and more women are opting for higher education they are still less in number when it comes to research in science and PhD courses. She fighting the data on women in science, she said, ” There is a 10% leakage from college to university and a 5% leakage from university to PhD and a steep 15% leakage from PhD to successful scientific careers.” Godbole believes that there is a need to make societal as well as policy-level changes to help more women participate in scientific research.

Who is Prof Rohini Godbole?

Padma Shri Godbole is also a JC Bose Fellow, currently, she teaches at the Indian Institue of Science in Bangalore. She completed her PhD in theoretical particle physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Before that, she had completed her master in science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She worked as a Lecturer at the University of Bombay in 1982 and then became an Associate Professor at IISC in 1995. In her career as a doctorate in science, Godbole has authored more than 100 research papers on different scientific subjects. She is best known for her work at European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN.

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