Priyanka Chopra trolled For Wearing Western Clothing on Independence Day

MeToo Priyanka Chopra

Global Icon Priyanka Chopra is not new to facing flak on social media. Probably, she receives the largest amount of trolling from her homeland only. Indian fans yet again took her down on social media for her Instagram post on Independence Day, which shows her in western casuals.

On August 15, the Quantico star put up a post in which she is wearing a plain white spaghetti top, jeans and a tri-coloured scarf. She is seen holding one end of the scarf and waving it like one would an Indian flag.

She was accused of disrespecting the national flag, was told to wear a more traditional outfit, and suggested she remains in the USA instead of coming back to India.


The trolls on social media came after her this time for not portraying the true image of a ‘Bhartiya Naari’. In other comments, she was asked to dress modestly, and even to not to return to India, etc. “At least on this auspicious day, you were expected in a sari,” someone commented on her post. Furthermore , for her scarf, people commented, “What nonsense. National flag have certain respect” and “This is not your dupatta stupid, show some respect.”

Earlier, when Chopra met the PM in Berlin, she posted a picture of them on her Instagram. She was trolled massively for meeting the PM wearing a dress. “Priyanka, you were sitting with the Prime Minister of our country. You should have at least had the basic sense of covering your legs.” one of the comments on her post read.

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While PeeCee has been in the midst of many such controversies, she has always risen above it. At that time, she responded with another picture along with her mother wearing a mini skirt saying, “Legs for days…” and #itsthegenes.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra With her Mother

However, the actor is now back in Mumbai, according to her latest Insta post where she writes “Mumbai bound”.

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