Princess Diana, the Queen that lived in people’s hearts

Diana Princess of Wales Hong Kong Visit. Picture Credit: telegraph.co.uk

On this very day in 1997, news broke out about a car crash in Paris which involved Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, car driver and their bodyguard. Princess Diana, along with her lover and the driver, succumbed to her injuries and died. The incident caused a lot of controversy and debate, but this did not stop the British public from outpouring their grief. Mountains of flowers were left in front of Kensington Palace, her home. Before you read more about the Princess, here is an old video clip that pretty much briefs up her way of life and the equation with the Royal Family.

A history recap into Princess Diana’s life

  • Princess Diana was known for her humanitarian work and she visited number of hospitals and camps around the world in order to keep the humanitarian work alive.
  • Prince Charles was dating Diana’s elder sister Sarah when Diana was in boarding school. After their break up, a few years later Diana and Prince Charles were officially courting, for which her sister took credit. “I introduced them. I’m Cupid.”, she said.
  • They married in the year 1981 and in the next year Prince William was born followed by Prince Harry in 1984.

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  • Princess Diana was known for her fashion sense and many looked up to her as a style icon. Always meticulously dressed and styled with finesse.
  • The Royal marriage came to an end in the year 1996, after several speculations of the couple drifting apart.
Diana, Princess of Wales at home in Kensington Palace. Picture Credit: closerweekly.com

Diana, Princess of Wales at home in Kensington Palace. Picture Credit: closerweekly.com

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We all remember watching the royal wedding of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge with Prince William and remember how the world (well at least the ladies) was (were) stuck to their TV sets through out? Princess Diana got the same and maybe more love from the British public. She was cherished and adored her whole life, and perhaps even more after her death

Feature Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk