On 23rd January, Narendra Modi presented the National Bravery Awards to some of India’s most courageous children. 11 out of the 25 audacious children were girls. Read on to know more about their incredible stories.

1. Saved people from Drowning

A total of 6 girls were felicitated for exhibiting exemplary courage by saving people from drowning.

Tarh Peeju from Arunchal Pradesh and Roluapuii from Mizoram died while successfully saving their friends from drowning. They were posthumously conferred the Bharat Award and the Bapu Gaidhian Award respectively.

Payal Devi, class 8 student of Jammu and Kashmir, was also posthumously awarded.She lost her life on 12th May,2016 in an unsuccessful attempt to save her niece and another boy from drowning in a nallah near her house.

Badarunnisa from Kerela, saved the lives of her friend and her mother who were drowning in a pond. She jumped into the 20 feet deep pond and pulled them to safety. In a similar case, Neelam Dhruv from Chhattisgarh rescued her 4-year old friend from drowning in Sheetla pond.

2. Averting fire-related deaths

Kudos to Nisha Patil from Maharashtra for averting a fire-related death. She was returning from college when she saw her neighbor’s house on fire. She entered and rescued a 6-month old infant.

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3. For capturing miscreants

Akshita Sharma, along with her brother living in Delhi, caught hold of a one burglars out of two trying to steal stuff from their house. They were on their way back to home when they realized that the iron door of the ground floor was open. They raised an alarm, caught one and called the police.

4. For busting sex-racket

Tejasweeta Pradhan and Shivani Gond from West Bengal received the Geeta Chopra Award on 23rd January,2017.They had helped the police and an NGO Marg in busting an international sex racket operating from Delhi. They used their intelligence to help the police in catching the mastermind behind the racket.

5. For self-defence

Anshika Pandey, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, protected herself from goons trying to kidnap her. The incident took place on September 24, 2015. The goons tried to pull her inside the car but Anshika was courageous enough to defend herself single-handedly. The goons, eventually, fled the scene and didn’t return.

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6. Averting death from electrocution.

Siya Vimansa Khode from Karnataka used her presence of mind to save her 2-year old brother from getting electrocuted. The kids were playing hide and seek when Siya found her brother in touch with a live wire. She held him by his shirt and a tragedy got averted.

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Image credits: Indian Express