‘Pregnancy Pause’ Helps Working Moms With Resume Gaps

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Creative agency, Mother New York, is introducing the term “The Pregnancy Pause” which gives job hunting moms a way to destigmatize maternity leave.

The Pregnancy Pause has its own website where it says that its mission is to make it easier for moms to return to the workforce. Moms in the US only get 12 weeks’ paid maternity leave, which makes many of them leave their jobs. Many avoid discussing the gaps on their resumes when looking for a job again. According to the Pregnancy Pause website, mothers who explain these gaps clearly are less likely to be passed over for opportunities.

“Maternity leave isn’t a vacation,” asserts Pregnancy Pause 

Moms can add Mom at The Pregnancy Pause as a job on their resumes. The website provides a tool kit which has a sample resume and cover letter, and a phone number for hiring managers to call.

When Hiring Managers call The Pregnancy Pause number, they get a pre-recorded message. “Hello, you have reached The Pregnancy Pause. You must be calling about a candidate’s resume that has mentioned her time spent here. While here, she spent innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee. Visit our website ThePregnancyPause.org to learn more, and remember, maternity leave is a full-time job.”

The campaign helps mothers turn a career gap into a proud statement. 

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