Powerful Quotes From Women Writers’ Fest In Bengaluru

Powerful Quotes Writers' Fest Bengaluru

Freewheeling, fearless and fierce. These are the three words that aptly describe the conversations that took place during the second edition of Women Writers’ Fest in Bengaluru.

The panelists poured their hearts out on issues that mattered to them. From putting the spotlight on the definition of a strong woman to exploring the nuances of food writing, from understanding the need to introduce female characters in children’s books to gauging the role book clubs play in promoting the reading culture of the city, the day was replete with cogent conversations.

We bring you the thought-provoking quotes made at the fest:

Idea of a strong woman

“Men can derive a lot of value from women’s struggles and voices”- Varsha Adusumilli

“Feisty Women Are Not Necessarily Strong Women” – Anuja Chauhan

Book Clubs

Writing short stories

On writing good short stories

On labelling women

On encouraging young girls to pursue passions

“Girls are getting educated, but they aren’t really pursuing careers of passion. There needs to be more encouragement for the 20-year-olds enabling them to pursue careers of their choice. Sadly, this isn’t the case in many areas” – Varsha Adusumilli

On becoming a good writer

On Food Writing

On writing for women and by women

On the effects stories have on people

On not fitting women into a genre

“Why is it that we women are only believed to be good at writing romance; why can’t we write horror or politics for that matter?” – Kiran Manral

On the need to empower women

“In terms of majority, books and stories have always been based on men. We need books by women for women — we need access to be able to put our work out there” – Kavitha Rao

On children’s books lacking female characters

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