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The Digital Women Awards this year showcased a set of brilliant women entrepreneurs using digital platforms to break the glass ceiling. The annual event celebrates talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation. The panelists with their pure passion and dedication inspired us all! Here are some powerful quotes made by the panelists that are sure to inspire us:


"With all the liberation of social media posts and comments, it’s an easier and productive space to share opinions." – Priyanka Sinha Jha

"Digital has been empowering personally. We’ve always been told home is the most important and only one space for us. With technology’s power of narrative, I can proudly work from anywhere in the world without having a permanent address." – Shivya Nath

“This is the beauty of technology because they already know what’s out there. What we do is constantly listen to what they are saying even during manufacturing the products and it’s only then we bring about changes in the design phase itself.” - Shivani Malik

On their personal journey to make a difference

“For us, to differentiate ourselves and to bring in fresh narrative in terms of marketing lingerie to women, we decided not to have models on the website. We don’t have models even for marketing. We don’t use sexy as a word in any category on the website and thirdly, we don’t use pink, black and red in our marketing anywhere,” – Arpita Ganesh

“It doesn’t matter if people think an idea is going to work or not, what matters is that you believe that it is going to work because if you believe in it, all the critics will come around” - Kunal Kapoor

“Being an entrepreneur was never my idea. But I wanted to change things. I wanted to make an impact. Not easy convincing parents at this young age since they want a secure job for us.” - Srishti Sharma

“The idea should be to solve a problem. That’s how you become an entrepreneur. It happened to me like that and the same goes for my mother. Facebook groups helped her set up her own business as well.” - Krutika Katrat

On online communities

“One of the fascinating things for us is to understand the trends of what women are looking for. In our conversations with women across India, we found that women increasingly want to put meaning in what they do and find meaning in what they are trying to do. There is this absolute consciousness that has emerged for women across sectors and tiers.” - Shaili Chopra

“We learnt that language is the key and, at Facebook, we are changing that surface. Every woman has to have visibility to change the norm around it. We need to have communities online to connect — personality or professionally. Bridge the difference gap.” - Shelley Thakral

On difficulties, responsibilities and learnings

“Everyone’s telling a story with the digital access these days. However, it’s important to note that while content is just a click away, its reach is a double-edged sword.” - Kanika Dhillon

“It’s important to know where to draw the line and be accountable for the content and stories we are putting out there.” - Sayani Gupta

“The biggest challenge for women is not the fear of failure, but the fear of success” - Devita Saraf

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