Immediately Remove Pornographic, Obscene Content: NCW To Twitter India

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NCW to Twitter India: On Wednesday, the National Commission for Women (NCW) asked Twitter India to remove all pornographic and obscene content from the platform. They have given the social media platform a time period of a week and also to communicate the action they take in the matter within a period of 10 days.

The NCW contacted the Managing Director of Twitter India to remove the pornographic content within a week following the FIR registered against Twitter in Delhi. The FIR stated that the microblogging platform allegedly allowed access to child pornography.

Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of NCW, also wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, and has asked him to probe into the FIR and take appropriate legal action.

The woman’s panel said in their statement, “The NCW has taken suo motu cognisance of several profiles on Twitter sharing pornographic content. Chairperson Ms Rekha Sharma has written to Managing Director, Twitter India for immediately removing all such pornographic and obscene content from the platform within a week.”

NCW To Twitter: Taken Suo Moto Cognisance Of Pornography Matter

The statement further added that NCW had received similar content and had asked Twitter to look into the matter. But, according to reports, Twitter India did not take any action.

NCW also added that the women’s commission is disturbed due to the fact the content was still available to the platform. NCW added that the reported content not only violates the laws of the Indian Constitution but also Twitter’s own policy and yet no strict action has been taken up by Twitter India.

The National Commission of Women said they have shared with Twitter details of a few profiles which were sharing pornographic and obscene content on the platform.