These 5 Popular Apps Got Uninstalled From Our Mobile In 2020

While TikTok got many of us explore our talents, PUBG got us Chicken Dinner and Shein became a fashion statement. Hence it was difficult for some of us to say bye to these apps.

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While COVID-19 was the unfortunate highlight of the year 2020, the India-Chinese border tensions also raised worries in India. As a result of this subsisting event, the Indian government banned most of the Chinese apps in our country. This political move created a huge impact on the citizens as in the list of the banned were some frequently used and popular apps. The ban on the apps was carried out in three separate lists at different times of the year.


Here are five popular apps out of the 267 that got uninstalled from our gadgets this year.


Winning a Chicken Dinner in the mobile gaming app PUBG was one of the greatest feats of any gamer. But due to the ban on the app, these PUBG players in India had to say goodbye to this infamous game. Probably it was the VFX of the gaming universe or its features, PUBG was a very addictive game that had almost 50 million users around the country. Especially popular among teenagers, there was a huge disagreement with the government's decision on banning this game.

However, the game had already troubles on its own. Many parents complained that their children, particularly boys were not studying and were getting short-tempered and violent due to the influence of this game.


Shein was the most affordable yet the most stylish clothing line popular among the young girls of India. It was also famous among the fashion influencers of social media. Once again, the ban of this app created a huge stir and disappointment among the fashion enthusiasts of our country.


Shein was number seven in the list of most downloaded apps globally in 2019. It used to receive around 10,000 orders per day in India before its goodbye.

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Another app that to which Indians had to bid adieu is probably the biggest one yet-TikTok. In its earlier days, it went by the name 'musically'. However, it grew to its fame in the last couple of years and had changed its name to TikTok. With about 200 million users in India, TikTok had become a platform for many to explore their talents. Whether it be dancing, singing, lip-syncing or slow motions, several TikTok stars were born.

The popularity of this app even had started an infamous feud between YouTube content creators and TikTok users earlier this year. Some of us still reminisce of the times when we used to dress up just to make videos in the app.



Even with several substitutes, CamScanner still had about 100 million users in India. It was the easiest way to manage documents. Scanning and converting a document into PDF or JPEG format was the main feature of this app. Clearly, after its ban substitutes like Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens took its place in our mobile phones.

UC Browser

UC Browser is owned by the China-based Alibaba group. Many other apps of this company including AliExpress was banned this year. But UC Browser was one of the most popular apps though its fame had decreased after the advent of Google Chrome. In 2015, it was the world's second most popular browser behind Google Chrome.

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