Continous Struggle: Pope Francis On The Fight For Women’s Rights

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On Sunday, Pope Francis described the fight for women’s rights as a “continuous struggle” and condemned female genital mutilation as a crime that must be stopped. Francis added that there was too much male chauvinism in the Roman Catholic Church and society at large.

Pope Francis was speaking to reports on the plane returning from a four-day trip to Bahrain. He also praised the women appointed in the Vatican and said they proved they could be better managers than men.

Pope Francis On Women’s Rights

He had been asked about the women protesters in Iran but did not answer. However, he did speak about the role of women in general.

He said, “I have noticed that every time a woman is given a position (of responsibility) in the Vatican, things improve”.

Francis referred to the women he appointed to managerial roles in the Vatican. He mentioned that Sister Raffaella Petrini is the deputy governor of Vatican City and is the most powerful woman in the Vatican. She is in charge of around 2,000 employees and was appointed last year.

He also appointed women as the Vatican’s deputy foreign minister, director of the Vatican Museums, deputy head of the Vatican Press Office, and four councillors to the Synod of Bishops.

Francis said, “The struggle for women’s rights is a continuing struggle” before listing historic struggles faced by women such as fighting for the right to vote.

He added that society must continue to fight for women’s rights as “women are a gift”. He said that God “created both equal, man and woman.”

Francis said that a society that does not allow women to have greater roles is unable to progress and move forward.

He denounced male chauvinism and said that it “kills humanity”. Francis also condemned female genital mutilation (FGM) and referred to a call he made on the United Nations (UN) International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

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