“I apologise profusely for my actions in the 1997 General Election Campaign. My behaviour caused offence and hurt and I am deeply sorry,” said politician Geeta Sidhu Robb who was dropped from running in the elections for the London mayor’s post. “There is no room for any form of racism or anti-Semitism in society and as such I very much regret my conduct at that time,” she tweeted

The founder of an enterprise that produces organic food, Geeta Sidhu Robb was earlier shortlisted as the Liberal Democrat candidate to take on Sadiq Khan from Labour party. However she was suspended from the party after a 1997 General Election footage revealed her making anti-Jewish remarks.

“There is no room for any form of racism or antisemitism in society and as such I very much regret my conduct at that time. It is in no way an excuse, but the context was that I was on the receiving end of a consistent racist campaign and, wrongly, retaliated as I did,” she said in her Tweet.

Geeta Sidhu Robb is the founder of NOSH Detox. She says on her site that her husband and she made a fortune in property business. And that they later lost it all. Geeta then restarted her life to start Nosh Detox in 2008, by training as a food technician and nutritionist.

She declares on her social media profiles, “I am a passionate Activist, Health Coach, Mother. My core belief is that the space between you and I is full of potential and opportunity. My ultimate desire is to make the most use of that to the benefit of not only us both but also for humanity.”

On her company website she says, “Change is inevitable, suffering is optional. Anything is possible. If you can see it, you can do it; if you can dream it, you can make it happen.”

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