#MeToo Case Against Nana Patekar Shut Due To Lack Of Evidence

tanushree dutta appeals for work, Women Pay Price For Speaking Up

In a latest development in the sexual harassment allegation against Nana Patekar by Tanushree Dutta, Mumbai Police have closed it by filing a B Summary report saying they could not find any evidence in support of the complaint.

Dutta’s lawyer, Nitin Satpute, has told Times Now that they haven’t yet received any official communication from the police. He also said that if the news is true then they would “challenge” the closure report.

There have been media reports on the closure of the case from a few months now but Satpute had clarified earlier and said, “There is a certain process that has to be followed by police where they issue a letter to the complainant about the same… So, these are just false rumours and we are going to take action against such rumours. Nana is playing psychological games by spreading false rumours as he wants to get a clean chit from the case by the police.”

Last month, Dutta questioned the slow progress of the case. Around 12 to 15 eyewitnesses have recorded their statements with the police. However, none of them is able to recall what had exactly happened. This is because this incident happened over 10 years ago, in the year 2008.

Among the people who recorded their statements with the police are journalist Janice Sequeira who supported Dutta’s claim against Patekar, Daisy Shah and Ganesh Acharya who were present on the set of the film when the incident happened.

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Mumbai Police have closed it by filing a B Summary report saying they could not find any evidence in support of the complaint.

In September last year, former actor Tanushree Dutta spoke to a media house and on being asked about the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, she retorted saying how her case of sexual harassment was brushed away and she never got justice. Dutta, who moved to the US and settled there was back on holiday when she did the interview and started the #MeToo wave in India as her speaking up inspired several other actors, journalists, singers etc. to speak up about their perpetrators.

Dutta alleged sexual harassment by Nana Patekar in 2008 on the sets of Horn Ok Please. The two were working on the film for which Dutta was going to dance on a song. Back in 2008, when she was associated with that movie, she raised her voice against Patekar and others who had behaved inappropriately with her as well as damaged her car and intimidated her.

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