PM Narendra Modi Talks About Gujarati Folk Singer Geeta Rabari

Geeta Rabari

Geeta Rabari is well-known Folk singer from the state of Gujarat. She recently met with the Prime Minister to talk of her world.  PM Modi called her as an inspiration who came from a humble background. He also said that he was impressed by her efforts to popularise Gujarati folk music. Let’s get to know some of the most inspiring facts about her. Here’s a look back at her career, her education and early childhood days.

The start of her singing career

She started singing while she was a child. Her neighbours used to call her to sing because her voice was very melodious. Initially, she used to earn some money by singing Bhajans, Folklore, Santvani, and Diyras. Till the point she reached the age of 20, she had already established herself as a very famous Gujarati singer.

Met with PM Narendra Modi

Geeta Rabari recently met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament. She said that she got to study and could attend school only after her father got a post-card of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’. She also shared an incident when she first met the Prime Minister in school and he handed her an amount of Rs 250 and asked her to keep practicing.

“Back then I sang in my school and he (Narendra Modi) was there. He gave me Rs 250 as prize and told me that my voice is good and that I should practice and keep singing,” she said.

Dedicated song to PM Narendra Modi

Geeta dedicated a song to Prime Minister Narendra Modi named ‘Rona Sherma’. After the song became a super-hit, she decided to meet him. She even idiolised him as ‘her father’. She wanted to get his blessings after meeting him.

“Recently, my latest song ‘Rona Sherma’ dedicated to Narendra Modi completed 25 crore views, so I came to seek his blessings. The meeting was very good and he gave me his blessings,” Geeta Rabari told ANI.

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Geeta’s singing debut

The Gujarati star made her singing debut with the Gujarati song ‘Rona Ser Ma’. Her song received widespread recognition along with the appreciation of a lot of people.

Belongs from Maldhari community

“I belong to the Maldhari community and we used to live in the jungles.” Currently, Geeta lives with her parents in Tappar village.

A Garba singer also

In addition to the Gujarati songs, Rabari also has one Garba album in her name too.

What she loves!

Geeta, who hails from a Gujarati family, is an avid animal lover and is passionate about cricket.

Promoting girl’s education

Since Geeta Rabari got to study after she got enrolled in school through ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme, she said that she would also make her contribution to the scheme. She wants other girls also to complete their education the way she did.

Picture credits: ANI

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Udisha Srivastav is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv