PM Narendra Modi Extends National Lockdown Until 3rd May

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PM Narendra Modi Extends National Lockdown Until 3rd May. He asks the country’s citizens to ensure we do not let coronavirus spread any further in new areas. He also shares that the country will explore a phased out lifting of the lockdown in specific areas based on guidelines post April 20th. For now we have the lockdown extended and here are the highlights of his speech.

  • In the next one week, we need to up the efforts to fight coronavirus. We will increasing our vigilance until April 20th even more. In all states, districts and other departments, we will ensure we are strictly checking on corona spread.
  • We need to ensure that we as citizens are careful and follow all rules, we need to ensure that of our fellow citizens too
  • April 20th onwards the nation will assess and help a lockdown phase out
  • We will be sharing a detailed guideline on how a phased out rollback of the lockdown will happen
  • I would like the support of the nation to help figure this effort out
  • For the elders in the family, we need to ensure we have specific efforts to ensure they don’t venture out, follow social distancing and
  • We all must wear masks, homemade masks or any others
  • Improve your immunity and follow suggestions like kara, hot water and other ways
  • Araogaya Setu mobile app should be downloaded to know everything about coronavirus
  • As much as possible, help poor families around you, help them with food supplies
  • As yourself, in your business, do not ask people to leave their jobs or don’t fire them
  • Our doctors, nurses, police staff, cleaning staff – we need to respect them and be proud of them
  • Our citizens are our soldiers against corona pandemic.
  • Each of you as citizens have helped in fighting COVID 19
  • Our nation has seen lockdown and restraint well before the pandemic spread. We have seen this in other nations where this disease has been widespread. India has, compared with them, taken timely decisions and tried to contain the spread.
  • We have benefitted from our early decisions. It does seem like we have had to absorb an economic impact but we must see that in the light of the crisis.
  • However we are all concerned on how we will fight this corona battle and win against it is the big focus of our future. “How can we reduce the problems our citizens are facing?” and “How can we contain further spread?”

PM Narendra Modi thanked the country for following the rules of the lockdown in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. “The constitution talks of the notion of We The People, this is the power of our people, our collective efforts, this conviction that we can overcome a pandemic.”

Modi’s speech comes on a day we are celebrating Dr Ambedkar’s jayanti. Ambedkar was India’s constitution builder, and his belief that ‘We The People’ is a power that must be is embedded in our constitution.