‘Pink’ now to be used as a platform for promoting the Zero FIR law

Pink movie review.

The movie Pink By Shoojit Sarkar was like a mirror which reflected the ugly truth of the Indian society and the daily struggle of a working woman who is harassed every day based on age old assumptions and taboos. The aim behind Pink was to change the existing rules for women and give a voice to the silence of suppressed women.

The film was successful in shedding light on the process of getting justice for women, and now the film may be making a further impact, as it will be used as a platform for spreading awareness for the Zero FIR law, reports Deccan Chronicle.

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Let us start By Telling You What is Zero FIR Law:

Zero FIR states that irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the crime happened, an FIR can be filed anywhere and be later transferred to the concerned police station.  It is important for women to know that, according to the Indian law, FIRs can be registered anywhere and the bail hearing for women and children can be held at the judge’s residence.

“Girls are now seen working in various fields and some jobs require extensive travelling and late night returns, like air hostesses, girls must know that a crime can take place in any corner of the country but the laws are same everywhere. They need to report a first incident report on the same day in fact as quickly as possible so that action could be taken.” Says Anuraddha Paul a Lawyer of Kolkata High Court.

“Zero FIR is quite useful in difficult times because girls get nervous and don’t know what to do in emergency. Sometimes the offenses they are charged under are non-bailable but for Women the laws have been modified to give them the benefit of gender”, states Mrs. Paul.

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In an event held at Kolkata Shoojit Sarkar said, “If something happens with a girl, say somewhere out in the (Bengal) districts and you are not able to register your FIR there, then there is a system called Zero FIR which a lot of women and men don’t know of. You can come into the city and still register the complaint. You can put that Zero FIR wherever you are,” as reported by Deccan Chronicle.

Bringing issues to light is one thing, but when a film has the potential to become an agent of change, that’s when one feels the true impact of cinema.

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