Pink Lady Resists is the name of the brand that is making the image of a traditional Indian woman one of resistance and defiance. T-shirts with the image of the sari-covered head depicted in bight pink are being worn by celebrities around the world, including Kalki Koechlin and Sofia Ashraf.

 She wanted to come up with a woman who has got traditional attire, but a modern attitude 

The creator of the brand is Geetanjali Dhillon, an entertainment industry executive and civil rights lawyer, who is based in Los Angeles. She saw the Pink Lady symbol in Mumbai’s Kulture store and thought it could make a good symbol of protest.  The proceeds from the merchandise are being sent to Planned Parenthood until April 15.

The designer of the Pink Lady is Jas Charanjiva, who has collaborated with Dhillon. Charanjiva is a well-known graphic artist who has created a lot of work in response to the suppression of women’s rights. She created the Pink Lady after the Nirbhaya attack in 2012. She tells Vogue that she wanted to come up with a woman who has got traditional attire, but a modern attitude.

Dhillon tells Vogue that though the lady is demurely covered, “her lips were set in a serious we have to talk line and her steady eyes, an elongated almond, radiated an inner strength”.

Dhillon, like many others, took part in the Women’s March in Los Angeles. While participating, she realised just how important symbols can be for people. It gives them something to rally around. She knew that her symbol was the Pink Lady.

Pink Lady on the Streets of Bombay
Pink Lady on the Streets of Mumbai

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