2 Pilots Invite Female Friend Into Cockpit While Mid-Air, Complaint Registered

Few months back, an Air India pilot suffered serious actions against him for inviting a female friend in cockpit. Now another similar incident has been reported and two pilots are in hot waters.

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It hasn't been long since Air India suspended the pilot who invited his female friend into the flight cockpit a few months back. The breach of security of the passengers and onboard staff did not seem to have set an example as once again, two Air India pilots committed the same mistake.

A few months back, we got the news of a pilot breaching the safety norms of Air India and inviting his female friend inside the cockpit, an area out of reach for passengers. A week ago, a similar incident took place again on an Air India flight where two pilots invited their female friend into the cockpit.

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Pilots Invite Female Friend In Cockpit

The incident reportedly happened in the Air India flight AI-445 that travels on the Delhi-Leh route last week. The cabin crew members informed the authorities about an unauthorised woman entering the flight's cockpit.


It was revealed that the pilot and co-pilot had allowed her to enter. As soon as the authorities were informed about the incident, they filed a complaint against the two pilots.

Though Air India has made no official announcement regarding the matter, they have reportedly grounded the two pilots. The Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has reportedly said that they have been informed about the incident and the airline will be forming a committee to look into the matter in detail.

This breach of security is even more serious because Leh is one of the most difficult areas to operate in the country because of the high altitude terrains, environmental conditions and the Indian military bases. Only the most skilled and physically fit pilots are allowed to operate on Leh routes.

DGCA has earlier suspended a pilot who invited his female friend on Air India flight AI-915 from Dubai to Delhi and fined him Rs 30 lakh. The organisation is yet to declare its action in the recent case.

Air India pilot pilots invite woman in cockpit