Perfectionism: Bane or Boon For Entrepreneurs?

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Starting your own venture is no joke, and all entrepreneurs would agree to this fact. Especially start-ups who are new in the field and are carving their own path and identity in the industry. For many, being perfect is the mantra and the way to success, but is perfectionism really a bane or boon for entrepreneurs?


"I am a perfectionist, but I also believe that one needs to know that the world does not always work according to your plan. The problem with being perfect is that sometimes you go out of your way to find a problem, which can be harmful to your business", says Mamta Sharma who runs Grace Salon in Jaipur.

Don't let perfection lead to anxiety

Perfection of course has its benefits; striving to always be better, efficiency and improved results, but doesn't it also reach a tipping point? "For a lot of entrepreneurs, perfectionism is just the way to go. It also makes them anxious and micro-manage their team, which is something that in-fact hampers growth. No one likes a boss who polices their team, trust me on this", tells us twenty-six year old Ishani Ray who works for a start-up in Mumbai.

Be experimental

One expects perfection in a field which they believe they excel in; this also limits them from trying something new. The idea that something new, fresh, experimental could get you closer to your dream is actually not given a thought at all. Coping with imperfection on your way to achieve the ultimate goal is what a success journey is all about, and often new ways are sidelined with old tried and tested methods.

“But I am learning that perfection isn't what matters. In fact, it's the very thing that can destroy you if you let it.” 

― Emily GiffinSomething Borrowed


Set the right benchmark

Setting a standard for yourself is a great way to start work, but in that race to perfection are we also demeaning our own efforts? Putting in hours and hours of work into a project to only reject it because you couldn't be flexible with your idea is not what great ideas are made of. Pushing yourself to match impossible tasks is only self-demeaning and damages self-esteem.

Know the dividing line

Believing in yourself is great, setting great standards too is great, but knowing the diving line between doing something right and obsessing over something are two different things. Don't let your perfection become a disorder! An obsession of any kind is unhealthy.

“When things are perfect, that's when you need to worry most.”

― Drew Barrymore

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