Peggy Whitson Beats Sunita Williams' Record For Most Spacewalks By A Woman

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Peggy Whitson

Peggy Whitson, known for her array of astronaut-achievements, has added another feather to her cap. She has reportedly made history by breaking the record for the most spacewalks by a woman. The record was previously held by Sunita L. Williams who had performed 7 spacewalks by logging 50 hours and 40 minutes. Whitson has been in orbit since November,2016 for her Expedition 50/51.This is her third space station stint.


The spacewalk commenced at 7:29 am (1129 GMT) when Ms Whitson and her NASA colleague Shane Kimbrough switched their spacesuits to battery power before venturing outside the airlock and into the vacuum of space. The space continued for six and a half hours. Its objective was to continue upgrading the International Space Station for the arrival of commercial spaceships in the years to come.

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This is not the first time that Peggy Whatson is surprising the world with her magnificent talent. In the past, she has been the first female commander to lead a space exploration in October 2007.

She is also the only woman in NASA’s history to have logged the most days in space. Her endless list of achievements grew longer when she became the oldest woman to step into space in November 2006.


According to a report, Whitson will shatter another world record on April 24 when she will become the first person to stay in space for the longest time. Her 534th cumulative day in orbit will push her ahead of the current record holder, Jeff Williams.

SheThePeople.Tv congratulates her for accomplishing this incredible feat and wishes her luck for all her future endeavors.

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