Father’s Day came around, and that didn’t stop late actor Paul Walker’s teenage daughter, Meadow Walker to show the world how much she loves and misses her dad. And indeed, the world came, they saw, and they howled at the picture she posted on her Instagram as a Father’s day tribute.


Simply captioned “happy father’s day”, she posted a picture on her Instagram of her as a baby, cradled by Paul Walker as he laid some big wet ones on her cheek. This photo went viral on the internet, with fans reaching for the tissues as they left comment after comment telling Meadow how cute the gesture was, and offering her their condolences to get through a day when she’d obviously be missing her father the most.


Meadow Walker is Paul Walker’s only child, who he had with his former girlfriend Rebecca Steros. Meadow lived with her mom for the first 13 years of her life, and later moved in with her father. After Paul Walker’s tragic death in a car accident in November 2013, when he was only 40 years old, Meadow moved back to Hawaii to live with her mother.




Ever since his unexpected demise, Meadow has often taken to social media, on what would have been special occasions in Paul’s life, to pay him modest yet heartfelt remembrances. On 41st birthday, she posted a photo of them naughtily exchanging glances when she was a little girl, captioned “Happy Birthday, I love You.” And on his first Death anniversary, she posted a shot of her on her as just an infant, on her dad’s lap, and punched in a sincere “I love you” to go with it.