Parvathy Thiruvothu Apologises For Liking Rape Accused Rapper Vedan’s Apology Post

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Parvathy on rapper Vedan: Taking to her official Instagram account, the actor who has multiple times raised her voice against sexual harassment within the film industry issued an apology to the rape survivors on June 14 apologising for “liking” rapper Vedan’s post in which he apologised following the rape accusations against him.

Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of sexual harassment and graphic details.

Vedan, who was assigned the name Hirandas Murali at his birth, took to his official Instagram account on June 12 to post an apology letter that claimed that he felt “great self-content” and “terrible regret” on his actions towards his women friends and partners who came in trust and friendship with him.

“I totally deserve this pain,” the post read, “But the fact that this does not in any way redress the agony my actions have put you (the survivors) through haunts me very deeply.”

Witnessing Vedan’s “total acceptance and submission to the criticism”, Parvathy liked the same thinking that many men don’t even acknowledge that they were at fault.

“I know clearly that it is not something to celebrate,” she wrote in the Instagram post, “I truly believe that it’s of paramount importance that the survivors be respected as they go forth with the case.”

Parvathy on Rapper Vedan sexual allegations

PC: Parvathy Thiruvothu/Instagram

As soon as Parvathy realised that “whether to forgive and how to heal is always the right of the survivor”, she removed her like. In the post, she also alleged that some of the survivors claimed that the apology was not a sincere one.

The Uyare star has actively involved herself in Malayalam cinema against onscreen sexism and called out powerful men who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Recently, she called out the ONV cultural award’s decision to honour songwriter Vairamuthu despite the rape accusations against him. The widespread criticism, led by her, made the jury reconsider its decision.