Paris Outlaws Gender Discriminatory Ads

sexist ads

Paris has outlawed discriminatory and sexist ads in outdoor spaces in the city.

The city council voted on Tuesday that the city’s ad distributor JCDecaux will not provide any ads with imagery of sexist stereotypes, homophobic images, ethnic discrimination or religious discrimination. The ads cannot show any degrading or dehumanising or offensive representations of women.

The ban goes into effect on November 20 this year. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo has said that “after London and Geneva, which already put in place similar measures, Paris is showing the way by taking all possible actions to prevent the distribution and promotion of images degrading to certain categories of citizens”.

Paris has been under fire for its sexist ads. During Fashion Week, a series of ads from fashion company Saint Laurent showed underweight models in fishnet stockings. The ad received so many complaints that Saint Laurent had to take it down. The ads are said to have “degraded models” and have “incited rape”. The ads showed painfully thin models in compromising poses, which were difficult to look at.

The move is a good example for other cities around the world to take note of. The mayor of Paris has said that the move will lead the way in the battle against stereotypes.

We have our fair share of sexist advertisements in India. Just last year, an ad featuring Ranveer Singh, carrying a woman over his back, with the signage “Take Your Work Home” was under fire. Luckily, the power of social media gives voices to people to act as watchdogs of sexism. Social media has given us a voice, and we should use it.

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