Shocker: UP Couple Allegedly Sells 3-Month-Old Baby To Buy A Car

Parents sell baby for car in Uttar Pradesh. Incidents of child crime have risen during the pandemic owing to poverty, as per reports.

Tanvi Akhauri
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Parents sell baby for car: In a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh, a couple allegedly sold their three-month-old son to a businessman in pursuit of a car purchase. The matter came to light when grandparents of the infant raised the alarm and contacted authorities, reports said Friday.


The alleged sale worth Rs 1.5 lakh was made to a businessman based in Gursahaiganj, as per Times NowThe couple used the money to buy a second-hand vehicle.

On Thursday, the baby's maternal grandparents filed a complaint with the police. "While the baby is still in the possession of the trader, we have detained the woman and her husband for questioning on Friday," reports said.

Parents Sell Baby For Car: Similar Recent Incidents, Poverty At Play

Child crimes, unfortunately, aren't uncommon in India. Earlier this year in January, a baby-selling racket was busted in Mumbai wherein female infants were being sold for Rs 60000 and males for Rs 1.5 lakh, as per reports.

During the pandemic notably, several families have been pushed into abject poverty, leading them to take extreme steps. In February 2021 it was reported a couple in Andhra Pradesh sold their 12-year-old daughter for Rs 10000 so they could fund health treatments for their elder daughter.

This trend during the pandemic, however, has also been noticed in other parts of the world. A report by The Telegraph showed that in places like Myanmar, children were being sexually exploited or trafficked in a bid to earn money. "Families have to commodify their kids," UNICEF head of child protection Cornelius Williams said.

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