Para-Shooter Dilraj Kaur Sells Biscuits And Snacks To Make Ends Meet

Dilraj Kaur
Para-shooter Dilraj Kaur who won 28 Gold medals, eight Silver and three Bronze in national-level shooting tournaments is now forced to make a living by selling chips and snacks outside a park in Dehradun.

One of India’s earliest para-shooters who also went international is dealing with financial hardships. While talking to ANI, she shared her plight, “My father died after a prolonged illness. My brother also died recently. We had to spend a lot of money on their treatment and had taken loans. My mother and I live in a rented apartment. We pay rent and EMIs from our mother’s pension.”

She said that after the 20th day of every month, she and her mother are left with no money.” I’ve repeatedly requested govt officials to give me a job as per my qualification in academics and sports but to no avail,” she said.

“When sportspersons win a medal, people clap but no one asks how they run their households”

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Dilraj Kaur started her career in para-shooting in 2004 and become the first player to go international level in the sport in 15 years. The 34-year-old sportswoman is left with little economic stability. According to reports, Kaur was the best pistol shooter at one point in her career.

Kaur said, “I thought there will be some light in my house because I have won medals for India but maybe that wasn’t to be. When it was the country’s need I was there, but now when I am in need there is no one.”

She said that she has asked the government for support in form of a government job in sports or academics but has not received any response so far. She said, “When sportspersons win a medal, people clap but no one asks how they run their households.”