Pakistan’s First Woman Commentator Shuts Down Reporter Who Trolled Her For Wearing ‘High Heels’ On Pitch

"I am a former Pakistan player and I know the protocols," Marina Iqbal replied when a reporter suggested she wore heels on a cricket pitch.

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Marina Iqbal, former cricketer and Pakistan’s first woman cricket commentator, has hit back at a reporter who had criticised her for wearing heels on a cricket pitch. One Sports reporter targetted her look from a pre-match chat show during Pakistan's National T20 Cup and shared two pictures of Iqbal. “Is it legal to roam around on the pitch wearing heels? Need opinions,” the user, whose Twitter profile says he is a sports reporter, wrote in Urdu.

Soon, Iqbal responded to the reporter and schooled him for criticising a person based on "half-knowledge". She clarified and shared some more pictures of her but wearing only flat shoes while on the pitch. “Half knowledge can be dangerous Qadir. It’s flats on pitch and heels in pre-match. I am a former Pakistan player, I know the protocols,” she slammed him.

Iqbal further explained how during the pre-match discussion, she wore her favourite heels but switched to flat shoes when she had to go to the pitch.

The reporter then thanked Iqbal for offering clarification.

Iqbal is being praised for how she handled the issue. "Responding to journalist in this way move them to think multiple times before posting anything," one user wrote, applauding her.

Who is Marina Iqbal

33-year-old Marina Iqbal made her debut in international cricket in 2009 and became the first woman cricketer in Pakistan. She grabbed the spotlight in 2015 when she scored her first fifty in an ODI on a difficult wicket at Sharjah.

Marina Iqbal represented Pakistan for six years at the national level and played for the team in 36 ODIs and 42 T20Is, according to Cricbuzz. The final match she played was against New Zealand in the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup in Taunton, after which she announced her retirement. As a commentator, her first series was between Pakistan and Australia which was played in Malaysia in 2018.

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