"Men Mustn't Invade Personal Space Of Woman": Pak PM's Ex-Wife Reham Khan Remarks On His Video

Reham Khan, critiquing the Pakistan PM, pointed out men must be mindful of women's spaces and treat the poor with dignity.

Tanvi Akhauri
May 24, 2021 13:30 IST
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Reham Khan, activist, journalist and a prominent critic of her former husband and Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Monday shared a clip of him, affixing it to a message regarding the invasion of women's personal spaces by men.

"Men must not invade personal space of a woman. Woman flinches in video below. Also has to be told that it’s “Mine” not Benazir’s income support. People might be poor but they are not idiots & must be treated with dignity. Self promotion doesn’t fool people," she wrote. Benazir refers to the Benazir Income Support Programme, a Pakistan government scheme to eradicate poverty.

See the video below: 

The video is reportedly a segment of the PM's meet in Islamabad with beneficiaries of the Ehsaas programme, the government's flagship financial support scheme for women, dated May 24.

Imran Khan, the same day, also launched the Ehsaas Saving Wallets (ESW) initiative, aimed at bringing Pakistani women into the fold of finances, businesses and incomes. "The financial mainstreaming of women is important to end poverty at a faster pace, thus ultimately contributing to the economic development of the country," he said, as per Geo News. 

The PM recently also came under fire from his ex-wives, after linking rising rapes in Pakistan to women's abandonment of the purdah. More about the controversy.

Who Is Reham Khan?

Reham Khan is a British-Pakistani journalist and host who has notably worked across local and international media channels, including Legal TV, Sunshine Radio, the BBC, Dawn News and Neo TV. She was born in Libya and earned her education degree from Peshawar.

Khan came to global prominence when she tied the knot with Imran Khan in 2015 and the couple divorced in ten months. In 2018, prior to the Pakistan election that would put her former husband on the PM seat, Khan came out with a memoir titled after her name. It immediately sparked fire in the country, owing to its explosive content that accused Imran Khan on several counts.

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