Padmasree Warrior on electric cars, entrepreneurship and women in tech

Padmashree Warrior

Making the case for the “car 3.0”, CEO NextEV, US, Padmasree Warrior told SheThePeople’s Amrita Tripathi that electric cars will solve many issues — from tackling pollution to productivity to safety! She believes mobility is set to transform and there is need to do so by using smarter, eco friendly vehicles.

Pointing out that Delhi is the most polluted city on the planet, the former IIT Delhi alumnus reminisced about times you could lie on the lawn and look up at blue skies– that was quite a while ago!

Padmasree said that like China, she would like to see the Indian government incentivise electric cars and set up infrastructure — like charging points, etc. She doesn’t expect to see autonomous EV’s in India till 2025, she said.

Padmasree’s also a vocal proponent on the need for more women in tech and other companies.

Padmashree Warrior