Padma Shri Sindhutai Sapkal Files Police Complaint Against Misuse Of Her Name

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Social worker and Padma Shri awardee Sindhutai Sapkal Renowned social worker and Padma Shri recipient Sindhutai Sapkal has filed a complaint with police in Palghar district, Maharashtra alleging that some people are misusing her name to cheat people.

The 72-year-old reportedly claimed that her name is being used by people frequently in a bid to promote themselves and scam people. She asked the police to take action against them, a local police officer stated.

Reportedly, a person had recently put out an advertisement for tuition classes for class 10 and 11 students in Wada tehsil at a rate of ₹ 1,000. The poster had mentioned Sapkal’s name, ” Padmashri Sindhutai Sapkal Education Society, Satara”.

A local activist Sharad Patil revealed that the person who had put out the advertisement ran away after scamming students. He took their money with him. When Patil reportedly reached out to Sapkal for clarification, she said that no such institution in her name existed and that she had not lent her name to any institution in Wada tehsil.

Sindhutai Sapkal is especially known for her work for orphaned children over the last many decades. She became the “Mother of Orphans” was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day. She is also known as ‘Mai’ and has adopted nearly 2000 orphans. She is from Pune, Maharashtra.

After attaining 12 years of age, she was married to a man who was 20 years more adult than her age. As a result, she had to quit her studies and get married. After marriage, she came to Navargaon, with her husband. Being a survivor of domestic abuse, she led her to protest for other women who were abused by Forest Department and the Landlords.

During her 4th pregnancy at the age of 20, the revengeful landlord spread rumours of her unchastity which made her husband doubt her. He beat her pregnant wife and left her in a state to die. In a semi-conscious state, she still managed to deliver a baby girl in a nearby cowshed. When tried to return to her home, her mother abandoned her. Having no place to live, she used to spend her nights in cemeteries and cowsheds. To survive and feed her baby, she used to beg money in trains and streets.

During this hard time, Sindhutai began spending time with orphans. She took the responsibility for a dozen of orphans to keep them fed and used to beg even more if needed.

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