Why Are Osmania University Women Students Protesting? Details Inside

Osmania University in Hyderabad finds itself under scrutiny due to glaring deficiencies in its security infrastructure, particularly concerning the safety of female students within the hostel premises.

Oshi Saxena
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Osmania University in Hyderabad finds itself at the centre of a storm as students took to the streets, demanding justice and improved security measures following an alleged security breach at the girls' hostel that has left them feeling vulnerable and demanding urgent action. The incident, which unfolded after the students returned from the Sankranti Holidays, has sparked a wave of concern and unrest among the hostel residents.


The protestors, predominantly female students, have detailed the harrowing experience of an intrusion into the hostel premises, with one intruder even making his way into the washroom.

Unsettling Incidents and Urgent Calls for Action

Since their return from the holidays, the hostel occupants have reported unsettling incidents, including strange sounds emanating from various rooms. Initially dismissing these as potential oversights, the situation escalated dramatically when a student witnessed hands protruding from the ventilators in the washrooms on both the ground floor and the first floor simultaneously.

One student recounted a harrowing experience, stating, "Yesterday, the incident happened on two of the floors, the ground floor as well as the first floor simultaneously. We have ventilators in our washrooms. The washrooms have little space. She (one of the students) locked herself in the washroom. But she saw hands coming out of the ventilator. She panicked and ran."

Quickly responding, the students sought assistance from their seniors, managing to apprehend one intruder while demanding the capture of the others involved.

Students allege that the security lapses are not isolated incidents. The compound walls, they argue, lack robust construction, making it easy for anyone to scale them and gain unauthorized access to the hostel. The absence of a proper lighting system further exacerbates the security concerns, leaving the students vulnerable to potential intruders.


The Protest and Calls for Accountability

The gravity of the situation prompted the students to stage a protest within the college premises, drawing attention to their urgent plea for enhanced security measures. Chanting "We want justice," the students sat in front of their hostel, emphasizing their demand for the Vice-Chancellor to address the pressing issues at hand.

Amid the protest, students questioned the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, shouting, "We are just asking for the VC to come. Why is he not coming?" Their primary objective is clear: to pressure the administration into acknowledging and resolving the security concerns within the hostel.

The absence of CCTV cameras in the hostel, as claimed by the protestors, has become a focal point in their demands for a safer living environment.

The protesters have been steadfast in their resolve, insisting on the immediate presence of the Vice-Chancellor to address their grievances and provide a tangible solution. Security, they emphasize, is paramount, and they demand a comprehensive and effective security setup to safeguard the well-being of the hostel residents.


The Campus Inspection and Security Measures

In response to the students' grievances, Rohini Priyadarshini, DCP (North), Hyderabad, undertook an inspection of the campus. Her findings revealed lapses in security on the hostel premises, prompting immediate action. The students' demands, including the installation of a lighting system and reinforcement of security at the back side, have been conveyed to the university authorities.

Ms Priyadarshini assured the students that corrective measures would be implemented promptly. "We spoke to the registrar and identified areas that require attention, including the installation of a lighting system and security enhancements. The repair works will be initiated without delay," she stated.

The girls' hostel, considered a sanctuary for female students, should ideally be a secure and private space. However, the recent breach has shattered this sense of security, raising questions about the efficacy of the existing safety measures. The incident not only compromised the physical safety but also intruded upon the privacy of the students, an aspect crucial for their well-being and academic focus. This incident serves as a wake-up call for the university administration to acknowledge and rectify the longstanding security gaps that have now come to the forefront. 

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