Why Is Samantha’s Oo Antava Making Controversy? 10 Things You Need Know

Oo Antava Controversy
Rashmika Mandana, Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa: The Rise has managed successful performance at the box office for more than three weeks despite the COVID-19 situation in the country. The film also got tough competition from major Bollywood and Hollywood releases.

With over Rs 325 crore worldwide success, the film has received a positive response from the audience. However, the film’s son Oo Antava, performed by actor Samantha Prabhu, has courted controversy for portraying men as “lustful people”. The songwriter Chandra Bose has tried to narrate how men generally look at women but the audience did not receive it well. A political party leader claimed that the devotional song has been converted into an ‘item number’. The song’s composer is of a different idea. Devi Prasad in his interviews has said that the song is not sexist and it does not generalise men.

Here Is All We Know of the Oo Antava Controversy:

  • After the song was released on social media platforms, it received mixed reactions from the audience. This was the first time that actor Samantha was seen in such a bold avatar. Many praised her for trying something while others called her out and the makers of the song of being sexist.
  • As per reports, a Men’s Association filed a lawsuit against the makers of Pushpa and also filed a complaint against them for portraying men in a certain light. Following the complaint the makers made the video version private and the lyrical version was still available on Youtube.
  • The film’s male lead Allu Arjun was asked about the backlash received by the song at a press event. He said, “It’s true. Whatever is written in the song is true,” and he passed on the mic to music composer Devi Prasad.
  • Prasad in his recent interviews, opened about the song and said, “But we have made a genuine attempt and the intention is not to hurt or offend anyone. It is a scenario that we are describing and we aren’t generalising that all men are like that.”

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  • The composer also said that the makers were aware that the song would receive negative comments even before release.
  • Prasad said that the song talks about male gaze and added, “I got calls from a lot of female friends, journalists, lecturers and they said that hats off to making such a song. They said it is not an item song but a song with a social message.”
  • He said that he has been raised by strong women and he did not try to insult anyone. He added, “If the song was so bad, then it wouldn’t have become such a huge hit.”