Only Work Can Get You More Work: Kubbra Sait Speaks At WWF 2019

Kubbra Sait

Kubbra Sait, who came to limelight after Netflix thriller series Sacred Games, joined us in the Bengaluru chapter of the Women Writers Festival, 2019. She was in conversation with our Ideas Editor Kiran Manral, and shared a lot about her aspirations and her journey till now.

“I for sure, take 20 minutes out for myself and I let all my thoughts come in there. All of them. It’ll ask me to stay connected with myself and I would say I don’t really find answers but I atleast know that I have questions.” – Kubbra Sait

It’s Only Work That’ll Get You More Work

On being asked about her role (in Sacred Games) and when it first came to her, did she spot the potential in the script and somehow knew that it will turn out to be this big, she says, “No! But the thing is that when I was approached for the role, it was like ‘Work’ or ‘No Work.’ And for me, it was about leveraging work at that point in time. I’ve always believed that was taught in school but now I’ve realised that it is only work that’ll get you more work. And there’s nothing that helps you catapult to where you want to if you don’t put in hard work. It’s extremely important that you shed the junk that people feed you like – Arey tu to superstar hai. Ye kyun kar rahi ho. You are meant for bigger things. Why are you writing only a 100 page book? 500 likho. Pehle ek page to complete ho jaye bhai. Are you crazy?”

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Want To Work With Good People Only

“I cannot work at a place where things are falling apart. I like to work with good people. That’s literally the first thing I wanted to check of my list. We all make incredible journeys through the stories we tell. I am not shy of playing any size of a character. The hunger, the lust to get what you want out there. It is important for me to see how people just bring in their souls. You see, the fire, the flames that burning inside you, you find everybody to feed off that hunger and gosh! That’s when the magic happens. So, for me it is the first thing that I check on my checklist,” says Sait throwing light on her journey and experience in the industry.

“The way narratives are written has changed for both men and women alike. Today, we understand that it is human to make mistakes and that there is always a possibility of a slip.”- Kubbra Sait

Don’t Call Me Courageous! Let Me Do My Job, She Says

Sait says she appreciates Vidya Balan as an actor and is deeply enamoured by the fact that she took up a flawed character like Silk in the movie Dirty Picture. She says, “Even today I’m deeply enamoured by the fact that someone had the courage to pick up a flawed character like Silk and to play it unapologetically on screen, it’s just wow! Where did you get that courage and how much did you buy that for? But when it comes it me, I’m like Eh don’t call me courageous, don’t call me bold. Just let me do my job. And I think, the more time we take to normalise this, the easier it will be for everyone to accept that this is the society we live in. Because honestly, fiction is inspired by facts.”

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