OnlyFans Star Wednesday Nyte Death Mystery: 10 Things To Know

Wednesday Nyte Death
Wednesday Nyte Death: An Onlyfans star and model 31-year-old Heather Sargent alias Wednesday Nyte, died on June 18, 2022.

Wednesday Nyte hails from Georgia and was found dead in Las Vegas. Reports revealed that the news of her death was shared by her sister Haley Sargent, who also shared a link for donations, raising funds on the GoFundMe app for the transfer of Nyte’s deceased body from Vegas to Georgia. Nyte’s family is now reportedly asking questions since no developments have been done in her death case and it still remains a mystery.

10 Things To Know About OnlyFans Star Wednesday Nyte Death

  1. Heather Sargent, well known as Wednesday Nyte by her fans, reportedly passed away on June 18, 2022, in Las Vegas Nevada. The news was confirmed by her sister Haley Sargent.
  2. Hailing from Georgia, Nyte is an OnlyFans star, actor, and model and has appeared in a few films. She has a substantial amount of followers on her OnlyFans accounts with a whopping 308,000 followers and 26k followers on Instagram.
  3. On June 26, Haley Sargent took to Twitter and posted -“The person we were looking for has been found,” Haley Sargent wrote. “At this time there is nothing further I nor her family/friends can speak about. Please no questions. Please respect my sister is all I ask. Let her RIP.” Her tweet alleged foul play.  It cannot be verified if the said Twitter account actually belongs to the deceased model’s sister.
  4. It has also come to light that only a few days before her death, Nyte shared a picture on her Instagram, in which she shows off a face tattoo filter that, states: “Pray for me.” Fans found this cryptic ahead of her death.
  5. While sharing the news of her death, her sister Haley also shared a link to GoFundMe, seeking help to raise funds to transfer her sister’s deceased body back to her hometown, which has garnered more than $6,000 to date.
  6. The GoFundMe bio reads – “Nyte was a free-spirited and adventurous soul. That soul and spirit of hers led her to some beautiful places with just as beautiful people throughout her journey of life, Most recently she has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada. She leaves behind her mother, father, sister, nephew, and uncle. And of course an immense amount of friends.”
  7. Soon after the news of her death surfaced, her social media accounts have been flooded with condolences and fan messages. “I wish this was just a nightmare. Going to miss you,” and “Rest in Peace. Hope you get justice,”
  8. Family and friends of Nyte also request privacy in these difficult times. Their statement reads- “We ask that any questions at this time just be refrained as honestly, we don’t have the answers. We hope this changes dramatically in the very near future.”
  9. Reports reveal that her close friends and family are now asking questions about her death and several media publications have reached out to the Police department in Las Vegas asking for further details on her death.
  10. However, even a month later, Nyte’s death still remains a mystery and the cause of her death still remains unknown. Further details are awaited.

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