Online Safety Summit 2018 Delhi: What To Watch Out For

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Online Safety Summit 2018

The rise in online crimes against women in the country is a huge concern at the moment. Every year, SheThePeople.TV brings together a diverse group of leaders in safety and technology for our Safety Summit. This year, on August 28, we are coming to Delhi to shed light on major safety challenges the country is facing. 


The Online Safety Summit for Women, powered by SheThePeople.TV, empowered by UN Women and supported by Facebook and Colors TV, will bring authorities together at one place. We, through the Summit, aim to explore and enhance options in making Internet safer for women in the country.

Collective approach to safety

The #SafetySummit is a collective conversation on issues concerning the digital environment. It's important to understand negative changes and how to tackle these effectively. The Summit is a combined effort to work towards issues, challenges and solutions in hand. 

Our panelists will be speaking on the need to have positive forces and voices on the internet amid a time of intense hate and disruption. There will be discussions on challenges of enabling safer platforms in the country. Significant topics involving online law enforcement, technological advancement for safety, gendered abuse and fake news phenomena will be discussed extensively. Also, an informative workshop on Safe City will be organised.<0>=68.ARBfnv6HyzcqomTIHRfgjskWMii1_KTt-maCZ8VcCglYKtzQTlxw_r3ZBXBre_Xyo7rEDI3R3TGc3S6Bd_uqJdzBoaXiN8jQBTJjgwQdyagDp71RBHi6DLTz0cvTLL0eeZYS7-w6Uds9&__tn__=-R

The Summit is also an opportunity for professionals working in fields of online and digital safety to learn more about the current issues. Individuals will have a platform to hear evolving approaches and solutions by our expert panel of speakers.


Speaking of online crime, women are highly vulnerable to sexual harassment, security breaches, fake news, abuse and much more. Trolls have become the new form of abuse and harassment and women are easy targets in the regard. There are several crucial challenges, but very few practical solutions. With this Summit, we aim to take up just that. The event will be a new insight into distinctive approaches towards these issues. There could not be a better way to start a discussion, as important as this, with the authoritative forces together at one place.

Making India Safer

Increasing cyber-crime has weakened people’s faith in online services. Women from all walks of life, across the country, are subjected to online harassment. So really, what is the solution to curb these issues and take action that will lead to women's safety on the web. Could we find solutions from an early stage? Online safety for women is critical. We must move swiftly on it.

From the laws protecting women against cyber crimes to the lack of awareness among women on this front,  there will be a sustained effort to cover all nuances when it comes to making the internet a safer space for women. The Summit will commence at 10 am on August 28. It will take place at the Silver Oak Hall, India Habitat Centre.

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