On Amitabh Bachchan’s Birthday, We Celebrate His Support For Women

Source: Bollywood Movie Review

Today is actor Amitabh Bachchan’s 74rd birthday. The Big B, who recently starred in the movie ‘Pink,’  is an outspoken supporter of women’s rights.

Here are some of the ways in which he has stood for women’s rights:

1. In ‘Pink,’ Bachchan played the role of a lawyer who fights for the rights of three young women who have been wrongfully prosecuted by men who tried to sexually harass them. He delivered powerful diatribes against the stereotypes that often trap young women. In his role he emphasised how ‘no’ means ‘no’ and says that just because a woman has had sex on her terms, does not mean she is a slut…something that needs to be spelled out, even in 2016, unfortunately. There’s no doubt that the decision to cast him raised the profile of the film, and helped hammer its message home.

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Amitabh Bachchan in Pink

Amitabh Bachchan in Pink: The lawyer who saves the day

2. He was part of the ‘Unblushed’ video which highlights everyday, seemingly innocuous statements that modern Indian women are used to hearing. However, these phrases are not quite so harmless. The video highlights how statements like: “One more year of work, then marriage and settle down. Tu bata kya chal raha hai?,” ”You will wear a red lipstick to the meeting, are you mad?” and ”Everyone is staring, jeans hi pehen li hoti yaar,” might perpetuate stigmas and taboos that women have to face.

 3. He wrote an open letter to his granddaughters Aaradhya and Navya in which he urged them to not let anyone dictate their lives. Here are some of his words:

“And because you are women people will force their thinking, their boundaries on you…”

“People will talk. They shall say some terrible things. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to everyone. Never ever worry about – log kya kahenge.”

It may not be easy, setting your own boundaries, making your own choices, rising above people ‘s
judgement. But YOU !…you can set an example for women everywhere.

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4. He is the UN Ambassador for the Girl Child, and often posts empowering messages on his blog.

“Women power! Women must have the respect of equality…they are the stronger beings…when they prosper, society prospers, mankind (and I use this word specifically to address the menfolk, as opposed to womenkind in other references) can and shall only exist with them, not without,” he wrote.

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Here’s to the Big B, and wishing him a fabulous birthday!
Of course, the class act that he is, he’s already thanked those sharing birthday wishes.