Olympic Fencer Bhavani Devi Calls Mary Kom Her Mega Inspiration

When sportstars stand up for each other, it builds the sisterhood

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Bhavani Devi Olympics 2021: The Indian fencer took to her Twitter account on July 30 to share a heartfelt note dedicated to Indian Boxing Champion Mary Kom after Kom's shocking defeat at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics on July 29."An epitome of 'age is just a number' and 'motherhood only makes a woman stronger in mind & body!'"Devi wrote.

Devi said in a post, "Mary Kom ma'am has inspired me & millions of young Girls and Boys of our country to buckle up & take a shot at their Dreams."

Devi added that Kom was the 'epitome' of breaking age barriers. The fact that age is just a number and that motherhood is no barrier to a career in sports. In fact, Devi asserted that age only makes a woman stronger in mind and body.

So while Mary Kom didn't pick the medal at the Tokyo Games. Amidst grieving, the country flooded social media with wishes for Kom, hoping for a stronger comeback. Kom, a mother of three, has been an unstoppable inspiration for athletes in India.


Bhavani Devi And Mary Kom

Indian fencer and boxer were spotted together in the Olympics. Devi, who is the first and only Indian fencer to represent India at the Games, holds many awards to her name. She was also the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the Sabre event in Canberra.

Kom, who is a veteran Indian boxer, is the recipient of many prestigious awards and titles. She is also the only woman to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship.


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