A bride from Odisha’s Sambalpur district called off her wedding after the groom, Surendra turned up drunk at the mandap. The groom from the Nakatideula village was so drunk that he literally lost his balance while approaching the mandap. As a result of which the bride, Mamata refused to marry him. While families on both sides tried to pacify her, she didn’t budge and made her stance clear. The sight of her prospective husband in a drunken stupor and the fact that he was not even able to sit in the mandap was more than enough for her to reject him.

Mamata from Odisha’s Sambalpur district called off her wedding after the groom, Surendra turned up drunk at the mandap.

Marriage is defined as the legal or formal recognition of the union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. However what happens if one of the two people does not wish to marry to other one? At times, if the reason is strong enough the marriage is called off. But if the families involved are not willing to accept the reason, the bride and groom are married off nevertheless. It takes courage to take a stand and refuse a union which you know will make you compromise both on your happiness and principles.

Thus it is appreciable that Mamata found her voice and stood up for what she thought was the right thing to do. This however isn’t an isolated in incident. Many young Indian brides have taken such a stand in recent past, refusing to wed a man they didn’t approve of, under familial or social pressure.

Other badass brides who have cancelled their weddings.

Last year, Priyanka Tripathi cancelled her wedding after she saw her to-be-husband doing a Naagin dance at the wedding. Despite the groom’s family trying to convince her to marry him, she refused and married someone else the very next day.

The head of the village had informed people about what had happened. He said – “The groom was drunk and was unable to sit in the ‘mandap’ due to which the girl rejected him. Both the groom and bride’s family sat for a meet and decided to break the marriage.”

In 2017, another badass bride had called off her own wedding after she found out that her fiancé failed a drug test. 22 year old Sunita Singh simply refused to marry Jaspreet. “She was adamant not to marry Jaspreet as she suspected him of being a drug addict,” a relative, who did not want to be named, told Hindustan Times.

Another bride had decided to not marry the groom after some drunk members of his family threw a stone at her brother. It all started when a few drunk people from the groom’s side got into a brawl during a dance and someone hit the bride’s brother with a stone. The brawl was quickly sorted out and the wedding rituals continued. It was then that a second altercation broke out and the girl’s brother was once again beaten up. Outraged by the behaviour of groom’s family members, the bride called off the wedding. Interestingly, the villagers are praising her for her stand.

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