Not Trying To Be Superwoman Anymore: Vidya Balan


Powerhouse actress, Vidya Balan, voiced her opinion about the ‘superwoman’ concept being ‘overrated’. In an interview with HT, she said that she is no longer trying to be the ‘superwoman’.

“I don’t juggle. I’m no longer trying to be superwoman. I am a woman who when I’m working, I’m working, when I’m home, I’m home, when I’m chilling, I’m chilling. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t do anything. So, I think this balancing is really overrated because women are constantly asked to balance home and work and it’s unfair.”


Vidya Balan
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We spoke to a few entrepreneurs to get an idea of what they feel about being ‘superwomen’ and here is what they had to say:

Minal Kavishwar

Founder, Animal Angels Foundation 

Women are expected to do that (balance work and home). But nowadays, it is not just limited to that. The man of the house also has to participate in household chores, childcare and everything. So I think with the growing speed of life, husband and wife need to pitch in for work and most of them I know do put in a lot of work and time in their career as well as home. The woman has her job cut out for her at home but most of the couples I know do share the responsibility and do both the roles together. It is important that one role shouldn’t pull down any other role. If you can seek a balance, it is idealistic and it is only possible if both husband and wife put in equal work.

Shikha Suman

Founder, Medimojo

At any given point in time,  I feel that we just need to prioritise. At that point in time, whether something at work is important or anything at home is more important, you need to figure out. You can’t do both.

Sadiya Naseem

Founder & CEO, Glamstudios

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. Irrespective of gender, if you believe that you have an idea which you need to work towards, then you should fight all odds. It becomes easier with your family supporting you. I have no idea as to what is for lunch at my home right now, my husband takes care of everything. You can’t do both.

Dr Prerna Taneja

Co-Founder, Global Women Network Global Women Foundation

I certainly believe that women should put their heart into whatever they do, be it there profession or family. Do this without feeling guilty or any hangovers. Time management can help you address various aspects of your life  in a more efficient way.

Just remember, effectiveness (both in work & with family) is a measure of quality, not quantity!

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The Kahaani actress believes that she feels guilty when she is not home for special occasions. Explaining the reason, she said in an interview with HT, “Maybe I feel guilty because I am a girl. Maybe a man wouldn’t feel the same way because you take it for granted that a man sometimes can’t make it to certain special occasions because they are working. We (women) still feel that we should work and be there. But I think these unrealistic expectations are slowly shedding,” she added.

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The lady, who does heroine-centric films, says that women’s stories are being told and women’s voices are being heard now. It is always a pleasure to watch Vidya portray roles she believes in. Though her Kahaani 2 did not fare well at the theaters, we hope to see her coming back with Begum Jaan, said to release early next year.


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