Noida Police To Train Women On Self Defence

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Following the recent surge in women-related crimes in Noida, the Gautam Nagar police station has decided to rope in experts who will conduct self-defence workshops for young women in the district, schools and colleges. The objective of the workshop is to encourage women to take safety in their hands.

“The process of holding self-defence workshops for young women in the area has been started. We want women to be equipped with techniques to deal with anti-social elements in a crisis situation. Soon, this initiative will be implemented after proper planning,” senior superintendent of police (SSP) Love Kumar, the person behind the initiative, told HT. The superintendent of police (rural) Suniti will be supervising this initiative.

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The police said they will get in touch with the administrations of colleges and schools for organizing the workshops.

The decision was the outcome of a lot of brainstorming done to bring women’s safety to the forefront.

The need to curb women-related crimes intensified after six men gang-raped four women travelling in a car from Jewar to Bulandshahr on the Jewar-Bulandshahr road. In another incident, a woman was picked up by three men and gang-raped in a moving car

Several states have come up with plans to ensure women’s safety. In May, the Delhi High Court had directed the state government to implement self-defence training programmes for girls in government schools.

Kolhan University in Jharkhand has also started a program for young women to learn martial arts for their defence.

It is good to see authorities giving women’s safety its due importance. While making public areas safe for women is a distant dream, women can surely learn how to safeguard themselves from predators.

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