“Ye Mukesh ki kahani hai..” and that’s the end of an irksome ad ever made in India. Those who never miss the beginning of any film in theatres would know Mukesh and how the Gutka (Smokeless Tobacco) campaign appears before every movie. The ad was supposed to deliver a strong message that would goad people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and work towards a smokeless country. Instead, it became a meme on the internet.

The industry has now woken up to do some damage control (so late though!) and if reports are to be believed, Bollywood filmmaker Kiran Rao is set to replace that ad with her new commercial campaign. The anti-smoking ad and disclaimers will dissipate from the silver screen, thanks to Kiran Rao, the first filmmaker to be making an anti-smoking commercial ever, sources revealed.

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Rao is been approached to make an ad that would have mass appeal and we may even see some Bollywood celebs being featured in the ad. Kulmeet Makkar, the chief executive officer at The Film and Television Producers Guild of India Limited, confirmed the development, Spotboye.com reported.

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“The industry is pleased to take on the responsibility. In fact, we are in the process of approaching filmmakers who could make these ads. The plan is that once we are ready with them, others ads and disclaimers will be removed from theatres. It’s a great step for the industry and society,” Makkar claims.

Makkar also confirmed that making of anti-piracy ads is also on the cards. “Anti-piracy ads will see stars churning out messages of “Don’t steal our movies” and “Don’t pirate”. We will ask the government to play them just like the anti-smoking ad and the national anthem,” he added.

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However, the CBFC has ordered the makers to make warnings and ads mandatory in theatres. Well, we are just happy to not having to see that particular (irritating) ad again and again anymore!

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