Nirbhaya Case: Is The Death Penalty Justified?

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The Supreme Court has confirmed the death penalty as punishment for the four convicted in the Nirbhaya case. After the HC confirmed the death sentence, the four men -- Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh -- had challenged the sentence in the Supreme Court.


"These men should be hanged. There is no crime more barbaric than this....I'm certain about that," said Nirbhaya's father.

The unanimous verdict from the Supreme Court was met with applause. ย And then the debate began: is the death penalty justified no matter how heinous the crime? Many wrote out in rage against the verdict, calling it barbaric, while others lauded the move.

Here are a few reactions of those who are against the verdict:ย 

Advocate in the Supreme Court, Karuna Nandy, expressed her disapproval of the verdict.


It is the same mentality that approves death penalty that looks the other way during a lynching. Justice is not this, he said.

Subjectivity that results in death sentence in Nirbhaya case and not in Bilkis' is yet more reason to abolish the death penalty, tweeted NDTV journalist Radhika Bordia.

Shivam Vij of the Huffington Post is completely against the verdict:

Speedy justice acts as a deterrence for crime. Death penalty pleases the public but death is not justice, he wrote.


Many were happy with the verdict:ย 

โ€œI am happy that the verdict has been upheld, though I wish it had come sooner,โ€ said Union Minister Maneka Gandhi.

Swati Maliwal, Chief of the Delhi Commission of Women, welcomed the decision.


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