Nicole Kidman Writes Essay on Domestic Violence

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Nicole Kidman has penned an essay about domestic violence for Porter’s “Incredible Women” issue. She wrote “It never occurred to me that I should be at a disadvantage because I was born a girl. The idea that women and men are equal is part of my DNA. I was raised by a strong feminist mother and a fully supportive father."


She said that she became aware of how much violence there is against women once she started her work as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2006.

She said that while in her role, she came to understand the barriers that women around the world face. She said that the stories she has heard from women have shaken her to the core and changed her forever.

“As the Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women, the United Nations’ organization working to empower women and girls, I have seen that there is no limit to what women can achieve when given the opportunity,” she said.

Women have to organise to achieve social change. They need to join forces and reclaim their lives.

“More than ever, I am aware of the need to support and celebrate each other. I like to believe I am part of a global support group network of 3.4 billion," she wrote. "Imagine: if you can fall back on the 3.5 billion sisters, and the many good men who are with us, what could we possibly not achieve?"

Kidman recently won an Emmy award for her role of Celeste in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Her character was a victim of domestic violence. Kidman said that she hopes her role shed a light on the complicated and insidious disease. In the show and the book, Celeste is in denial of what is happening in her relationship. It takes a lot for her to walk away.

According to some reports, one in four women will experience domestic abuse in their marriage. We need to be aware of what this is and report it when it happens.

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