NGO helps 100-Yr-Old Abandoned Woman Reunite With Daughter

Care Work

A 100-year-old woman, abandoned by her son, is now living with her 85-year-old daughter. An NGO working for the elderly came to her aid and reunited her with her daughter.

The woman was found in an unconscious state in October at the Charbagh railway station in Lucknow.

It was, however, very difficult for the NGO to trace her daughter’s details. The NGO authorities had found her in a miserable condition. She wasn’t even able to spell out her details.

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After 15 days’ treatment, she was able to inform the medical staff that her name was Champa. The woman also said she was from Varanasi.

But the information was not enough. The NGO then took to social media and radio communication to locate her daughter, Pushpa, living in Lucknow’s Daliganj.

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The daughter reached Balrampur hospital and was shocked to see her mother’s pitiable state. Mukesh, the old lady’s grandson, rang up his maternal uncle in Varanasi, saying he wants to talk with his grandmother. To this, the uncle replied that the old woman was ill and could not speak as she was resting.

Mukesh then made a video of his grandmother at the hospital and sent it to his uncle. The man then confessed that he had deserted his mother at the station.

Pushpa then took her mother to her home.

Elderly people play a pivotal role in society. Their skills, abundance of knowledge and a plethora of experiences are a boon for their children and the younger generation. A lot of people, however, fail to look after them and leave them to perish. With no financial security, elderly women specifically suffer in their twilight years.

Let’s take care of our elders and ensure their wellbeing.

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