NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Is Reportedly Planning A Summer Wedding With Partner Clarke Gayford

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Jacinda Ardern summer wedding: After two years of engagement to partner Clarke Gayford, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the couple has “finally got a date” for their wedding. Buzz on the block suggests they are looking at a summer wedding, which would mean sometime between December and February in New Zealand. A date has not been disclosed.

“That doesn’t mean we’ve told anyone yet, so I feel like we should probably put some invites out,” she told local media, as quoted in the New Zealand Herald

Ardern, the youngest-ever PM of New Zealand, and Gayford, a prominent television presenter, have reportedly been together since 2013. In 2018, the two became parents to a daughter, after Ardern notably held office while pregnant, among the world’s few female leaders to have ever done so. A year later, around Easter, they got engaged.

Last year, Ardern had revealed that the couple had “some plans” for marriage, but “they are some way off.” Read here.

Jacinda Ardern Summer Wedding May Not See A Bridal Party. Here’s Why

The 40-year-old, however, has expressed she is not too inclined to partake in a bridal party, as is the custom surrounding weddings. She attributes it to feeling “a bit too old” for the same.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, for some reason I feel like because I’m getting on a bit I just need to forgo it,” she told local media.

October last year Ardern was sworn in as the PM of New Zealand a second time, as her Labour Party secured a sweeping win in the election.