New women’s safety app launched in Hyderabad works without internet

I feel safe app

‘I Feel Safe’,  a women’s safety app by the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, was released in Hyderabad on Tuesday. The app does not need the internet or a GPRS facility to function.

The Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust is a foundation that helps sexually harassed women with legal matters and also provides them with rehabilitation. It was founded by the parents of the woman who was brutally gang-raped in Delhi in December 2012 and who was named Nirbhaya (without fear) by the media.

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The app was built in collaboration with Mobile Standards Alliance of India. Its developers are now attending a two-day international conference on ‘Exploring Modern Science and Technology Solutions for Humanity, Education and Rights’, according to NDTV.

“Ever since the Nirbhaya incident happened, we are fully dedicated to the trust. We help other victims fight. We also see to it that no girl ever has to go through what our daughter has gone through,” said Nirbhaya’s parents.

They added, “We need to use technology to ensure the safety of women. If present day technology had been available in 2012, our daughter would have been saved. She tried to make a call through her mobile but it was snatched by the culprits.”

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The app has a virtual button called ‘Safety ka Power Button’. When this is tapped five times, it starts an alarm, automatically calls the national security number 100, and tracks the victim’s location every 30 seconds. This location is sent to the victim’s emergency contacts as well as an emergency call centre team. It functions on every mobile network in the country.

Feature Image Credit: The News Minute

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