New Delhi: Mother Kills 6-Year-Old Daughter For Seeing Her With Lover

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Munni Devi killed her six-year-old daughter, Kajal after the girl saw her with her lover. The woman from Ghazipur, New Delhi, then made up a story of an occultist killing her which she told the police.

The family had approached the police on Wednesday night and said that the girl was missing. The police searched for her and finally found her body on the terrace of the building adjacent to the one Devi lived in. Her throat had been slit and her mother acted distraught.

Devi told the police that Kajal had gone out to play but hadn’t returned, which is when the family went looking for her. “When I saw my daughter’s body this morning, I became sure that someone had performed black magic on her, and her throat was slit in a manner that only an occultist could do for a sacrificial ritual,” a source quoted Devi.

She also said that Kajal’s friends had told her that they had seen Kajal go towards a ghost.

The police kept questioning her and she has finally confessed that she murdered her daughter. Kajal had seen Devi sitting on the terrace holding hands with her lover, Sudhir.

She immediately called out to her father and began to run down. Devi caught her and gagged her. She told her not to tell anyone, but Kajal refused. So the two lovers slit her throat.

The case was solved within a few hours and the mother along with a man were arrested,” said DCP (east) Omvir Singh.

Other cases of maternal filicide:

Earlier this year a 45-year-old woman was arrested in Karnataka’s Kolar district for killing her daughter because she fell in love and did not study, said the police. Another 29-year-old woman was arrested for murdering her twin baby girls. She admitted to the crime, saying that she had a bitter experience with her first child who was a girl. Her husband and his family were not happy with the fact that the baby was a girl. And she expected the same treatment from them for the new twins.

According to Cheryl L. Meyer and Michelle Oberman, authors of the book Mothers Who Kill Their Children: Understanding the Acts of Moms from Susan Smith to the “Prom Mom, “Neonaticidal behaviour is often influenced by relatively intangible factors, such as emotional isolation and perceived lack of resources.”

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